Fallen Stock Charges and BSE Testing

From 1st April 2019, farmers will have to pay £6.25+VAT for BSE testing of fallen stock more than 48 months old as the government passes the cost of the surveillance programme onto the industry.  This comes at a time when collection charges are rising as a result of the poor market for hides, with falling demand […]

“No Deal” Brexit Planning

Although a “No Deal” Brexit now looks very unlikely for 29th March, last night’s EU summit could mean this is still a possibility.  If MPs do not approve Theresa May’s Withdrawal Deal next week, the UK has until 12th April to set out its next steps, or leave without a Deal.   The Government has […]

Waste Transfer Notes

You must register if you do any of these things as part of your business: transport waste buy, sell or dispose of waste arrange for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste You can be fined up to £5,000 if you don’t register. Registration is usually free if you only transport waste you […]

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners AGM

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is holding its AGM on Friday 8th March from 1.45 – 4.00 pm at Newton Rigg. The theme will be “Preparing for post Brexit whatever it looks like.“   There are many uncertainties facing hill farming and commoning. The Agriculture Bill is proposing phasing out BPS from 2021-2027 and the […]


The Farmer Network has received funding from the Cumbria Growth Catalyst programme to enable us to provide free one to one advice to help farmers review their businesses post-Brexit. The Agriculture Bill is proposing the phase out of direct payments from 2021-2027 and the introduction of a new Environment Land Management Scheme that will replace […]

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

Last October, Defra announced the scheme would open in “early 2019”, but there is still no news about when it will open and we are hearing some reports that the scheme may be further delayed until later this Spring.  A lot of farmers are delaying purchasing equipment in the hope this scheme will open soon, […]