This week, we are looking at the new Dry Stone Wall maintenance payment that will be available in SFI 2024.  This will pay £27 per 100 metres to maintain drystone walls in good condition.  You need management control of both sides and the dry-stone wall must be both continuous without gaps and complete. The wall should be kept at a height in keeping with local style with top stones in place if appropriate for the area.  You need to keep a record of any need for repairs and the repair work you do – including the date you identify the need and when the work was done.  The guidance is at: BND1: Maintain dry stone walls.  Note, there is a separate Stewardship capital grant for restoring dry stone walls which pays £31.91/m.  This is open now and you can find out more here.

You can read the full SFI 2024 guidance at: Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme: expanded offer for 2024.  Farmers can submit this expression of interest to be part of a controlled roll out.  The scheme will open for applications in late July.