Business Support for Young People

Explore our Farming Ambition Programme

If you are between 18-30 and are looking at turning your farming related ambitions into reality, then this support programme can help you.

It’s specifically designed to provide advice, support and potentially some grant funding to allow you to explore your business ideas.

Loan funding back on the table:

The Farmer Network is pleased to announce that alongside the training grant, a loan facility will be in place  to support young people with farming ambition who take part in the business support programme that starts this October.

So, if you live in Cumbria or The Yorkshire Dales and are aged 18-30 and are passionate about setting up or developing a farming or farming-related business but are limited by the resources or opportunities available – get in touch to find out more.

So far, over 100 young people have taken part in the programme, giving them  the opportunity to see if their business idea can be developed.

We’ve seen young farmers start new enterprises, develop existing ones and even rule out an idea they were itching to test.

…and you don’t have to be living on a farm to benefit. We’ve helped people who don’t have a farm to fall back on, to start out on their journey.

Farming is a business and if you want to build up your own farming collateral –  (stock or equipment), you will business skills and a plan. This Farming Ambition Programme can help you get:

  • Some training in the basics of business planning
  • One-to-one support from an experienced farm business adviser
  • Where appropriate, access to a small training grant
  • Help preparing a loan application
  • Ongoing support from a volunteer business mentor

Download our Farmer Network Farming Ambition flyer

From 2011 – 2019 the programme was funded by The Prince’s Trust and the Prince’s Countryside Fund. The low interest loans are not available on the 2020 programme.


Traditionally farm and land tenancies become available in the spring and the Autumn. At this time of year they are known as  Michaelmas tenancies usually commencing on 29th September, although modern farm business tenancies are now available year- round. The Farmer Network has for many years helped prospective tenants plan for the future.

An excellent first step to consider, is joining the Farmer Network Farming Ambition Programme. This is as business support network for young people below the age of 30. If you are keen to develop your own farming business or a farming related enterprise, our Farming Ambition Programme can help you. The good news is we are recruiting right now. So if you are planning to apply for a tenancy and need support to develop your business idea, right through to submitting a tenancy tender, The Farmer Network can help. Over the last 8 years we’ve supported well over 100 young people in this way. Click the link to view our helpful guide So you want to tender for a farm

To find out more, contact Project Manager,Kate Gascoyne

Tel: 07548934282 or Email:

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Over 100 people have been through the programme. We thought you'd like to see how some of them have progressed - along with some advice if you’re thinking of exploring the programme...

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