This week we are focusing on the actions for soils in the expanded SFI 2024 offer.  These include options that were available in SFI 2023 but with new additions for 2024 in purple:

SFI actions for soil health Annual payment
Assess soil, produce a soil management plan & test soil organic matter £6/ha + £97 per agreement
Multi-species winter cover crop £129/ha
Herbal leys £382/ha
No-till farming £73/ha
Multi-species spring-sown cover crop £163/ha
Multi-species summer-sown cover crop £163/ha
Winter cover following maize crops £203/ha

Note that the herbal ley guidance has been updated for 2024 and you can read it here. The full SFI 2024 guidance is at: Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme: expanded offer for 2024.  Farmers can submit this expression of interest to be guinea pigs and we are hoping the scheme will open for applications in late July.