Defra announced this week that applications for the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) 2022 will open in June.  The scheme will be open to all farmers who claim Basic Payment Scheme including those in Stewardship.  Agreements will last 3 years, with amendments allowed every 12 months to add land, add standards or increase ambition levels.  The standards include:

  • Improved grassland soils: Introductory level £28/ha & Intermediate level £58/ha
  • Arable and horticulture soils: Introductory level £22/ha & Intermediate level £40/ha
  • Moorland and rough grazing - £265/agreement/year + £10.30/ha. There is an additional payment of £6.15 per hectare for common land with its own agreement.

The scheme will also pay for an annual livestock health and welfare review and testing for endemic diseases.  Go to: SFI 2022 Announcement for more details.

One change was to the payment rate for the Moorland and Rough Grazing introductory standard which has been marginally increased and note this is different than in our newsletter which went to print before the announcement.