Defra and NE survey of farmers regarding impact of extreme weather on AES agreements and BPS

Defra is funding this project to improve our understanding of the ability of current Agri-environment schemes (AES) to respond to climate change.  In this research, led by CCRI in conjunction with Lands Use Consultants and Environment Systems Ltd, there are two distinct objectives.

  1. Reviewing a sample of AES options, which specify dates for required operations and matching these against the timing of ecological events such as bud burst, arrival and departure dates for migrant birds and nesting/hatching dates for breeding birds to reveal areas of concern.
  2. A survey of farmers to gather evidence regarding the impact of climate change driven extreme weather events. Looking at issues of adhering to AES prescriptions within the current compliance and operational regime; and their ability to deliver the desired environmental outcomes.

How can I help?

If you are an AES agreement holder (past or present), please complete the survey

The final report, due in March 2020, will highlight changes in weather patterns and potential impact on AES options; evidence from farmers of climate change impact on schemes.  This will feed directly into developing policy discussions.

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