The new calf housing grant offers up to 40% towards the cost of new and upgraded calf housing that improves social contact and the ambient environment.  The minimum grant is £15,000 up to a maximum of £500,000.

The 1st stage on-line application takes about 20- 30 minutes and is a basic questionnaire.  Information required includes: building type, calf space to be provided, interior specification and an estimate of the total costs including the building, equipment and Solar PV panels if relevant.  Planning permission is not required at this 1st stage.

The calf housing needs to have straw bedding and not slatted or hardcore flooring.  Each pair or group of calves must have at least one enrichment item (for example brushes or hanging balls) which can be included in the grant.  The building must have sloped flooring with a 5% gradient in bedded areas that slopes towards a drain or drainage channel.  There must be permanent external calf-height solid walls/barriers to keep out draughts.

The building must have access to a water supply, at least 2 IP66 electrical sockets, fitted lighting of at least 50 lux and temperature and humidity data loggers

The on-line application gives you feedback on how well your project will score and is relatively simple to complete.  The deadline is 30th November 2023.  Click here for details.