Farming Investment Fund Now Launched!

Defra launched its Farming Investment Fund including:

  • A “smaller” grant scheme – the Farming Equipment and Technology Grant
  • The Water Resource Management theme within the Farming Transformation Fund which is for water storage and equipment for crop irrigation.

The full announcement is on the following link:

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund is the scheme of most interest to our members.  This is similar to the CP Small Grant scheme, but with some key changes including a lower minimum grant of £2000 and a higher maximum grant of £25,000, with up to £50,000 available per business for all rounds of the scheme.  There is also a revised list of farm equipment.  The guidance notes are on the following link: and I have summarised the changes in the attached briefing which can be sent to members and provided as a link on our website.

The Farming Transformation Fund is a larger scheme with a minimum grant of £35,000 and maximum of £500,000.  The fund has a two-stage application process and has three themes:

  • Water Resource Management
  • Improving Farm Productivity
  • Adding Value

The Water Resource Management scheme opened today with a deadline of 12th January for the first stage application.  This is of limited interest to our members as it is for funding on farm water storage and equipment to improve irrigation.  According to Defra, the Improving Farm Productivity grant will open “later this year” and the Adding Value grant will open “early next year”.

Below is a link to a shortened briefing our grants specialist Veronica Waller has put together.