The Government has just announced another round of its Growth Programme which provides grants for small rural businesses to create jobs and growth in the rural economy.  Examples of eligible projects have in the past included farm diversification, food processing and tourism developments.

Last time the scheme was open, the grants were of up to 40% with a minimum grant of £20,000 (reduced from £35,000) up to a maximum grant of £750,000.    There is a two-stage application process and the first stage is to submit an Expression of Interest form.

We are expecting the scheme to open on Monday 4th November when guidance notes and application forms should be available.  The deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest is Sunday 16 February 2020.  The full announcement is on the following link:  Growth Programme announcement

Do you need help applying?  The Farmer Network provides members with free e mail and telephone advice and can help prepare applications at a discounted rate.  We have a lot of experience of successfully applying for Growth Programme and Leader grants for farmers.  Call Veronica Waller on 01524 782797, or e mail:  Veronica@thefarmernetwork.co.uk.