With drought conditions across the country worsening by the week, the extreme dry weather is now impacting in a severely detrimental way to Cumbrian farm businesses.  The harsh reality of a continued drought is that farmers are now being forced to feed fodder which would ordinarily be saved for the winter months.  Grass pastures are also suffering and there is worry that any future rainfall will simply run off baked farmland direct to water courses, carrying with it a threat of flash flooding.

Eden Rivers Trust in conjunction with The Farmer Network are hosting an emergency Drought Resilience Meeting on Friday 10th August.  The meeting will take place at Sewborwens Farm, Newton Rigg College, Penrith, CA11 0AG.

Farmers are invited to drop in at any time between 1pm and 4pm with presentations being repeated throughout the afternoon.  To help with planning, please let The Farmer Network know if you plan to attend, tel: 01768 868615, text: 07714 187034 or email admin@thefarmernetwork.co.uk.

The meeting will focus on relevant drought topics including pasture management, forage usage, establishing alternative crops, securing additional feed and application of fertilisers, slurry and manures.

Grassland expert Rhidian Jones will deliver a presentation and be onhand to answer questions.  ForFarmers will be discussing animal nutrition, alternative feed options and heat stress in animals.  Dodd and Co Chartered Accountants will explore options to limit potential business losses, increased input costs and other potential pressures on farm businesses going forward.  Rickerby Ltd machinery dealers of Carlisle will showcase relevant pasture and soil rejuvenation equipment.

Andy Dyer from Eden Rivers Trust said “Weather related pressures on farmers over the last few years have focussed mainly on flooding issues.  Farmers are now facing severe drought conditions and Eden Rivers Trust working with The Farmer Network would like to offer them the chance to meet and discuss what solutions may be available to minimise losses.”

Adam Day, Managing Director of The Farmer Network said “We hope that any farmers fearing the severe implications of the ongoing drought will come to our meeting so that we can share as much useful advice and information as is available at this point in time.”

For more information on the event please contact Adam Day at The Farmer Network – Tel: 01768 868615.