The Sustainable Farming Incentive 2022 will be open to all BPS recipients and will include 3 standards for arable soils, improved grassland soils and moorland & rough grazing.  There will also be funding for an annual health and welfare review.

The Improved Grassland Soils Standard has an introductory level of £28/ha which includes: testing for soil organic matter, doing a soil assessment and soil management plan and having no more than 5% bare ground over winter.  For the Intermediate level at £58/ha, there is the additional requirement to establish or maintain herbal leys on at least 15% of land entered into the standard.

For 2022, there will only be the Introductory level for the Moorland and Rough Grazing standard with a payment of £148 per agreement per year plus £6.45/ha. This will include recording soil type and vegetation, evaluating the public goods potential and condition of the moorland and identifying opportunities to maintain or enhance public goods.  We are expecting the scheme to open in Spring 2022.  Click HERE for the full announcement.