This week, Defra provided more information about the Slurry Investment grant which will be launched in the autumn of 2022.  This will help farmers already using a slurry system to upgrade their storage to reach 6 month’s capacity.  You can use the grant to:

  • replace existing stores that are no longer fit for purpose;
  • build additional storage, if your current storage is compliant;
  • expand otherwise compliant storage, e.g. by adding another ring to a steel tank.

Note the grant funded storage must have an impermeable cover.  The grant is 50% of eligible costs with a minimum grant of £25k and maximum of £250k.  There will be a 2-stage application process starting with an online eligibility checker in the autumn, followed by a full application over the winter.  If the scheme is oversubscribed, Defra will prioritise applications which have a higher environmental benefit, eg by prioritising those near protected sites.