SFI 2023 “SNIPPET 6”

SAM1 Assess soil, test soil organic matter and produce a soil management plan - £5.80 / ha plus £95 per agreement, per year.
This is an ‘agreement level’ action and can be applied on all eligible agricultural land except moorland. The action can stack with all other SFI23 actions except MOR1. It can also co-locate with all ES land options and many CS land options. Please check the soil testing criteria on this action.

The phased roll out of SFI23 is expected to begin in the next week or so – RPA will be contacting some farmers to invite them to apply.


RPA emailed agreement holders in June, explaining how current SFI 2022 agreements will be ended, to allow access the new actions under SFI23. Depending on the actions in your agreement, this will involve terminating the agreement (with 6 months’ notice) and paying a closure payment for actions already taken. By the end of August, all SFI22 agreement holders will have been served their six month notice to terminate their agreements.

You will also need to submit an Annual Declaration to confirm you have completed the relevant actions in your agreement in year 1. RPA will email you to explain how to complete the Annual Declaration through your RPA online account.