This Monday, Defra started to accept SFI applications from farmers who have previously registered an interest in applying.  SFI 2023 includes “actions” covering soils, moorland, hedgerows, integrated pest management, nutrient management, farmland wildlife, buffer strips and low-input grassland. This week, Defra released a podcast recorded with the NFU about what farmers need to get ready to apply to SFI.  Find out more here.

The final 2 Farming Advice Service webinars about SFI are on:


Those with land in HLS/ELS agreements are restricted in what they can apply for under the new Sustainable Farming Incentive because of rules on double funding.  One of the main issues is that you cannot apply for the SFI low input grassland option (paid at £151/ha) on land in HLS/ELS agreements. However, there are some SFI options that you can apply for on land in ES/HLS which are listed below:

  • SFI Moorland - £10.30/ha +£265 per SFI agreement/year (plus £6.15/ha on common land).
  • SAM1: Assess soil, produce a soil management plan and test soil organic matter - £5.80/ha + £95 per SFI agreement/year for land below the moorland line.
  • HRW1: Assess and record hedgerow condition.  £3/100 metres per one side/year.
  • HRW2: Manage hedgerows by not cutting every year.  £10/100 metres one side.  Can be applied for on fields in ES revenue options apart from boundary options.
  • HRW3: Maintain or establish hedgerow trees.  £10/100 metres both sides.  Can be applied for on fields in ES revenue options apart from boundary options.
  • IPM1: Assess integrated pest management and produce a plan £989/per year.
  • NUM1: Assess nutrient management and produce a review report. £589 per year.

It is also possible to apply for the vet visit and testing funded by the Annual Health and Welfare Review.