Wool is an animal by product (ABP) and is category 3 – Low risk
You can only dispose of category 3 ABPs by:

  • incineration or co-incineration
  • sending them to landfill after they’ve been processed
  • processing them and using them to make organic fertilisers and soil improvers
  • using them in composting or anaerobic digestion
  • applying them to land as a fertiliser, in some cases
  • using them as fuel for combustion

It is illegal to burn on an open fire you could be liable to a hefty fine if caught. Wool can be carefully incinerated which captures the gases and ashes inside the chamber. If you are incinerating you must get Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) approval.
If transporting to an anaerobic digestor you must have a waste transfer note.
If you require more information please follow the below link.
You can check if your disposal method is legal by talking to your local APHA office

Incineration needed for ABP
You can only incinerate ABPs if the exhaust gas is held at 850°C for 2 seconds, or 1100°C for 0.2 seconds.
The 850°C/2 second temperature is often achieved by using a secondary chamber to retain the gas for the required 2 seconds.
You can use a mobile incinerator but it’s subject to the same regulations as a static incinerator.