As the days start to get longer, thoughts start to turn to spring and even at higher fertiliser prices, AHDB calculators show that home grown forage or grass is still the most cost-effective form of feed. Following the fertiliser 4Rs - the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time - is key to maximising your grass growth and quality.

AHDB states that grass growth starts when soil at a depth of 10cm reaches 5 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days. Following the closure of CF’s Ince plant, less fertiliser is now being manufactured in GB making us more reliant on imports, which could mean delays between ordering and receiving. Have you at least enough fertiliser for your first spring application on farm? If not, you need to consider your order now so that you have it ready on farm before you need it.

Origin Fertilisers advises that grass needs more than just nitrogen, and applying the ‘right’ fertiliser will improve quality as well as provide yield or efficiency, and could save you significant amounts of money. Speak to your FACTS qualified advisor to make sure you meet the 4Rs.