“No Deal” Brexit Planning

Although a “No Deal” Brexit now looks very unlikely for 29th March, last night’s EU summit could mean this is still a possibility.  If MPs do not approve Theresa May’s Withdrawal Deal next week, the UK has until 12th April to set out its next steps, or leave without a Deal.


The Government has published guidance for the farming sector about preparing for a “No Deal” Brexit which includes information about Rural Payments and imports/exports.  In the event of a “No Deal”, the Basic Payment Scheme and other EU rural payment schemes should be paid as normal in 2019.  In the short term, the greatest impact will be on importing and exporting as all livestock products must enter the EU via a Border Inspection Post (BIP) and currently there is not one at Calais!  The guidance also gives details of a temporary tariff regime on imports and exports which would apply for up to 12 months.  For more information, click on the following link: Gov Guidance for farming in event of a No Deal Brexit  and note you can register to receive updates to this webpage.