Many farmers are now receiving Mid-Tier and Water Capital grant offers.  Check your agreement and maps carefully for any errors and to remind yourself of the requirements. You need to print and sign a paper copy of the Declaration and return to RPA at the Worksop address by the deadline (4 weeks from the date of offer) and keep a copy for your records.  If you are completing any works on SSSI land (regardless of whether they are included in your agreement), you need to submit the SSSI consent form.  All agreements officially start on 1st Jan 2021 so you must not start any works or purchase any materials before that date.



Many farmers have now received their CP Small grant scheme offer. Do not purchase any equipment before the date of your grant agreement and check the evidence required for your claim.  You need to have purchased and installed the equipment and claimed the grant before 31st March 2021.  We are hearing from farmers having problems sourcing equipment in this timescale – let us know if this affects you.



Farm businesses impacted by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions may be able to receive the Local Restrictions Support Grant if forced to close.  This requires applicants to be registered for business rates and the grant is available for each 14 day period the business has had to close. Businesses affected by the lockdown that do not pay business rates or who have not closed,  may be able to apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant.  Contact your Local Authority for details.