We have now finished the ELM Test for the Forgotten Lands in North East Cumbria which looked at how farmers might record the natural capital on their farms.  Facilitator, Peter Faulder and Veronica gave a presentation to Defra about the findings and stressed the importance of involving farmers in mapping natural capital with habitats and species found in areas not previously recorded.

The 3rd and final film about our ELM test has now been published by Defra starring the wonderful Barbara Smith - Watch episode 3.  Her interview stresses the importance of farming to the local heritage and you can also Watch episode 1 and Watch episode 2. These films and the ELM Test have given the group an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of farming in creating habitats for wading birds and hay meadows which is relevant to many other areas of the north.  A big thank you to all the farmers involved and to Peter.