We were shocked to hear of the devastating flood that took place in the Borrowdale valley last weekend. Our members, Dan Simpson and Ruby Cappleman of Seatoller Farm, very sadly lost 58 gimmer hoggs as the result of the flash flood and other Farmer Network members also suffered losses. Talking to them and others in the Borrowdale valley, we are aware of the depth of feeling within the local community and the fear that future flood events could result in a loss of human life, not to mention the disruption of impassable roads.  Ruby has launched a petition to ask that the Environment Agency re-start gravel removal within the river - it has already received more than 3,000 signatures and you can find out more at: Petition.

Stewart Mounsey, the Environment Agency's flood risk manager for Cumbria, has said, "A lot of people are talking about dredging. Let's have a look at that as a solution in terms of the catchments and let's have a community conversation with the land owners, The Rivers Trust and other public bodies." The Farmer Network asks that the Environment Agency and other partners carefully consider the most appropriate flood management solutions including river bed management, on this and all other catchments in Cumbria and The Yorkshire Dales.