Cumbria Health On Call donate to The Farmer Network for the Fellside Spirit

Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC), a social enterprise providing both in and out of hours primary health care across Cumbria, has donated £700 to the Farmer Network following the devastation to the Cumbria farming community following the February 2018 ‘Beast From the East’.

On Wednesday 28 February, a date that many won’t forget, Cumbrian farmers were faced with the Beast from the East, Storm Emma and the famous Helm wind. The storms wreaked havoc along the East Fellside of the Eden Valley. During these adverse conditions many Fellside farmers had to attempt the arduous task of gathering up livestock, many of which had attempted to shelter by walls and were hidden in snow drifts. This led to the death toll of livestock not seen in this area since the devastation of foot and mouth.  Farmers suffered a great deal, and the financial and emotional impact of this was unimaginable, but as ever, in scenes reminiscent of Storm Desmond, the community once again came together to assist one another.

A member of the CHoC team, Sarah Taylor-Howe, who lives in the East Fellside area saw first-hand the impact on the local farming community and decided to apply for funding from CHoC’s Social Enterprise Committee to help the Fellside Farming community. The Social Enterprise Committee was established in October 2016 to support staff in personal challenge events, support staff who wish to be involved in charity fundraising or support community projects both in the County and oversee’s.  The Committee reviews applications from staff, on receiving Sarah’s application, they were keen to offer as much support as they could to the Fellside Community after being heavily involved in the delivery of services to these areas during ‘The Beasts’ visit.

Following Sarah’s application to the CHoC Social Enterprise committee they decided to donate £700 towards helping the Fellside Farmers, recognising the importance of Cumbria’s farming communities and their dedication to our county in the face of extreme adversity. Sarah worked with Adam Day, Managing Director of the Farmer Network, who kindly agreed to ring-fence the money so that an event, social gathering, resilience planning, or a piece of equipment could be funded by the donation in order to assist the community in the future.

Adam Day said “CHoC’s help particularly towards the East Fellside farming community is very much appreciated and along with other private donations has ensured that there is a fund of money available for that communities use in future”.