The Foundation for Common Land is urging commoners to apply now for the SFI Moorland Assessment.  The RPA has launched a new bespoke application process which has been tested on three commons.  Another change is that SSSI consent for the SFI Moorland Assessment is no longer required.  Common land associations that have already expressed an interest to the RPA will be invited to apply and FCL is urging any Commons who have not yet expressed an interest to contact the RPA.  The payment rate for the moorland assessment is now £10.60/ha with an extra £7.00/ha for common land and a further £272 per agreement.  Defra has confirmed that starting an SFI agreement now should not affect your ability to apply for the new SFI and Stewardship offers this summer.  The Foundation for Common Land’s website includes a toolkit with templates to help applicants get started.  Go to: and for more information, email Tom Laurence on