The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme (PFRP) offers FREE business skills training and advice to family farms in 15 locations across the UK each year. The Farmer Network is facilitating three new groups around Kendal, Alston and near Newcastle starting this autumn.  Contact the Farmer Network office on 01768 868615 or email:  We will be providing information about this Programme at the Future of Farming meetings in August,.

In partnership with the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF), the Farmer Network will be one of the deliverers of Defra’s Future Farm Resilience Programme across the North of England. The scheme is designed to help farmers understand the changes during the agricultural transition, work through how they might adapt their businesses and access support. Starting this autumn, the package of support delivered by the PCF programme will include a series of workshops and one to one support.  For more details and to register your interest, please call the Farmer Network on 01768 868615 or email: