Grassroots Clubs

The Farmer Network’s Grassroots Clubs are supported by the Prince’s Countryside Fund and are an innovative method of engaging farmers in knowledge transfer by using farmers' own knowledge to help other farmers develop their technical and business skills. The clubs have the objectives of:

  • Helping farm businesses become more efficient and innovative
  • Strengthening informal networks of farmers so you can support each other with meetings based on local farm data and sharing of information.

The aim is for meetings to be held around 4 times a year mostly at participants' farms with each group learning the value of sharing information, problems and solutions. Meeting topics are up to the farmer groups to develop but are expected to include improving technical efficiency and business performance. Each group consists of around 8 to 14 farmers supported by a Farmer Network facilitator and they are given a budget of £1,000 per year to spend on advice, testing and trial work.  The project started in February 2017 and funding is available until the end of December 2019.

For more details, please contact Veronica Waller on 01768 868 615.

The Prince's Countryside Fund