Ember Energy (Cumbria) Ltd

Ember Energy (Cumbria) Ltd

Create a brighter future for your farm with Ember Energy (Cumbria)

Did you know that solar panels can boost your farm's revenue while benefitting the environment? Our tailored solar solutions are designed to maximize your profits.

As professional energy consultants: Ember Energy will help you make an informed decision about the viability of farm scale solar energy, batteries and other renewable energy types.

Discover the benefits:

✅ Increase your farm's income and generate long term revenue

✅ Reduce and control farm energy costs

✅ Decrease your carbon emissions

✅ Understand funding options

✅ Straightforward advice and no technical jargon

Get the facts about solar panel viability on your farm. Contact us today for a free consultation & rooftop survey.

Call: Ian Lawman (Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria) 07814 755219

Visit our website: www.emberenergy.co.uk

Email: ian@emberenergy.co.uk

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