Launch of the Cumbria Farming Ambition Programme 2023-4 Changing farming systems and using livestock technology and data

Find out about what’s on offer in the programme and discuss with three inspiring younger farmers who are changing their own or family farming systems for longer term profitability:

  • Using livestock technology and data effectively Changing breeds and systems to be more efficient
  • Making use of environmental schemes, farming with nature and reducing inputs.
  •  Developing diversifications and new markets

More details are on our website at: Farming Ambition Programme.  The programme is open to those aged 18-30 in Cumbria and up to age 40 in the Yorkshire Dales - you don’t have to commit to the full programme, but just attend the workshops you are interested in.  To find out more, call Kate Gascoyne on: 07548934282 or email: