Animax are proud to be sponsoring The Farmer Network. We are a British company, based in Suffolk, and we specialise in the development and manufacture of highly effective animal health products. Animax is the market leader in trace element supplementation and is best known for our leaching boluses, which are sold in the UK under our Tracesure® brand.

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I cannot stress enough the importance of trace elements for animal performance. They are essential for cell metabolism and many other critical body functions, including energy production, growth, reproduction and the nervous system.

Our leaching bolus offers up to 6 months supplementation. This is particularly useful if sheep are grazed on fells, or away from the farm or adequate handling facilities. It provides a slow release, consistent supply of trace elements, and is the optimal size to ensure retention.
“This gives you peace of mind that the product is doing its job – it eliminates uncertainty.  Also, by balancing the diet correctly you maximise the benefits of home-grown forages or grass, so the efficiency of your nutrition is increased. Moreover, it reduces the cost of concentrates, or supplementary feeds, by ensuring that forage or grass is utilised much more effectively.

Dr Elizabeth Berry, Animax Company Veterinary Director